GALLERY 7 - Artistic Portraits

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Artistic portrait of a paint brush painting a picture of a woman painting a picture of herself.
Image 7-1
Artistic portrait of a woman within an outline of herself.
Image 7-2
Artistic portrait of a duplicated woman surrounded by stars.
Image 7-3
Artistic portrait of a woman painting a picture of herself.
Image 7-4

Senior portrait of woman playing a flute in silhouette.
Image 7-5
Artistic portrait of woman trying to cover her smile with her hand.
Image 7-6
Whimsical portrait of woman holding her head in her hands.
Image 7-7
Half-cartoonized portrait of dancer in tutu.
Image 7-8

Portrait of woman wearing a dress while holding a muzzle-loading rifle and standing in front of a log cabin.
Image 7-9
Female model dressed as a fairy in the woods.
Image 7-10
Artistic portrait of woman with flames in her hair.
Image 7-11
Artistic portrait of female painter with her reflection on convas.
Image 7-12

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