GALLERY 5 - Senior Portraits

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Glamour portrait of woman with her hand on her head.
Image 5-1
Portrait of a cowgirl sitting on a wooden wash tub.
Image 5-2
Portrait of a blond woman wearing a black sweater against a black background.
Image 5-3
Senior portrait of male golfer putting.
Image 5-4

Senior portrait of woman looking at a light.
Image 5-5
Portrait of woman wearing an sparkling emerald necklace.
Image 5-6
Senior portrait of woman against a nighttime backdrop.
Image 5-7
Beauty portrait of woman wearing sequin top against newspaper backdrop.
Image 5-8

Portrait of woman with her Hello Kitty collection.
Image 5-9
Outdoor senior portrait of female volleyball player sitting in the grass.
Image 5-10
Portrait of woman wearing a hooded white vest.
Image 5-11
Senior portrait of woman holding an electric guitar while sitting on sheet music.
Image 5-12
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